Makiungu hospital
reception office in Tanzania
Collecting medical staff
from a small airfield near Mt. Kilimanjaro



C208 Caravan - gets a mud bath !! Flying Doctors getting ready to fly -
dedicated to helping people hundreds of miles away


Open drinking water wells are sometimes
used as 'bush' washing machines - bad news!
Hot to Trot - a C208
on casualty evacuation standby


Nurses caring for children
at a field hospital in Southern Tanzania
Surveying a derelict water pump
to assess the feasibility of repairs



Resting - do not disturb!

The village bakery -
bread is a vital part of the Tanzanian staple diet

A Cessna 210 on a lonely flight
delivering urgently needed medical supplies
African scenery is as unpredictable as the weather,
but its beauty can leave you breathless